Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sushi @ the motherland of sushi - Japan

With the world's largest fish market and generations of masterful sushi chefs, where else would be better to enjoy a seafood lunch in the heart of Spring than a sushi restaurant in Japan?

There are 2 main types of sushi restaurants, one is the traditional restaurant that have a range of sushi chefs making sushi on order while the customers admires their artful skill and speed. But the most popular type of sushi restaurant (and also cheapest) is the sushi-train restaurants.

They have a wide varieties of selections from traditional salmon rolls to vanilla puddings.

Always bright and colourful that are very neatly well presented with curiosity of taste buds bouncing and ready to be satisfied, the sushi-trains is definately an experience to remember.
Some sushi-train restaurants have a shinkeisen 'bullet train' service, which allows customers to order through their LCD touch screen for fresh and express services while others may just have the regular train system.

To start out my meal we usually say 'ita-ka-kimasu' (bonn apetti) and (without fail at every sushi restaurant in Japan) I start out with a 'miso' based soup

Combine the miso savoury taste with the cooked juiced of a crab, this light soup had nothing but shells by the time I finished with it. And for only 180Yen ($2AU) talk about a bargain!

Following the soup was a series of sushi plates ranging from salmons that carries a very smooth texture, tuna with a fatty (good fat) but rich taste, raw sweet prawns, chewy grilled octopus, tender cooked prawns....



With every bite, the Japanese tend to have a habit by saying 'Omai!' which means sweet! or when eating with friends they'd say 'Oishiii!' - Delicious or Yummy. A very adaptable expression that I tend to use it quite often. At first it was to blend in with the Japanese but it eventually became a habit.

And when it's time to finish the meal, nothing beats a cup of green to wash all those flavours down.

....'Gochi-So-Sama-desh-ta' - Thank you for a lovely meal ;-)

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  1. Wow, that miso and crab soup is a bargain! I'm heading to Japan for a week in early September & hope to discover more delicious bargains like this!